Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences (SJMS) | Sudan JMS: Volume 13 (2018), Issue No. 1 | pages: 50-61

DOI: 10.18502/sjms.v13i1.1688

Prevalence of endo-parasites of common tree frog (Rana Saharica) from Misurata, Libya

Elmajdoub O. Layla

Shabash, H. Elhamali

Omar, A. Mosaab

Aborawis, M. Afaf


The current study was conducted to detect the prevalence of parasitic infection among (62) common tree frogs (Rana Saharica), of different ages, with weights ranged between 1 - 25g. Results: The results revealed that 61 (98%) out of 62 examined common frogs were infected with endo-parasites. The the prevalence of infection with protozoal was (86.4%) and (80%) for helminthes, while the mixed infection with both was 65%. 


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ISSN: 1858-5051