Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences (SJMS) | Sudan JMS: Volume 13 (2018), Issue No. 1 | pages: 33-49

DOI: 10.18502/sjms.v13i1.1687

Knowledge, practice and acceptability of HPV vaccine by mothers of adolescent girls in Ilorin, Nigeria

Kikelomo T. Adesina

Aishat Saka

Salamat A. Isiaka- Lawal

Omotayo O. Adesiyun

A. Gobir

Adebunmi.O. Olarinoye

Grace G. Ezeoke


We humbly request for your kind consideration of the above manuscript for publication in your reputable journal. The subject of prevention of cervical cancer is of great importance in our country. Nigeria has one of the highest prevalence of cervical cancer globally. This survey looks at the willingness of mothers to vaccinate their girls with HPV vaccine.


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