Depictions of Terrorism and Islamophobia on by U.S. Presidential Candidates


Since the 9/11 attack in New York, the U.S. government has focused on combating terrorism by pre-emptive strategy to destroy the save haven of the terrorists and punish those supporting them. Terrorism is associated with Islam, thus, discrediting Islam and spreading Islamophobia amongst the society. In their campaigns and debates, the U.S. presidential candidates have treated terrorism as a central issue to attract more Americans to vote for one of them. Hence, this paper analyzes their opinion concerning terrorism and what resolutions they offer if they are elected as president. The primary source is limited on the and examined through adiscourse analysisof the subject matter. The analysis shows that Trump’s policy in dealing with terrorism focuses on how to prevent the coming of terrorists by stopping the flow of immigrants, while Hillary Clinton’s policy is more aggressive and emotional.