Open Street Map-Based Participative Mapping for River-Kampong in Surakarta


Open Street Map (OSM) is a free-editing world map providing web-based spatial information that can be changed in the sense of data updating by everyone, whenever, and wherever. With the data yielded, OSM is very useful in social mapping, disaster mapping, economic mapping, and an area’s terrain mapping, particularly, urban area. In Surakarta, OSM is used for the first time in mapping Kali Pepe (Pepe River) specifically aiming to map the river stream area to cope with flood disaster and generally aiming to provide spatial information with recent data in Surakarta. The utilization of OSM in Kali Pepe mapping was expected to be the beginning of OSM development in Surakarta that would provide digital map data that can be used not only for responding to disaster but also for providing usable data as the reference in policy formulation for Surakarta City Government in economic, cultural and development areas.This study aims to show the result of OSM utilization in the mapping of Kali Pepe in Surakarta for society, stakeholders related to spatial information and also government as the policy maker. The conclusion is that OSM is one of digital mapping that was not popular in Surakarta due to its limited information and accessibility.