Role of Virtual Communities in Improving the Quality of Blogs and Bloggers’ Presence


The existence of blogger as a writer would be better with its membership in a virtual community because many more people can access his writing. This paper looks at the role of virtual communities in the existence of bloggers and how far bloggers can improve their presence through their writing. It will also show the communication patterns used to create an environment to bring out better creativity from the bloggers. This study involves a content analysis of the postings at website, and interviews with bloggers from Kumpulan Emak Blogger (KEB). The results show that of the quality of blogging and the blog traffic had increased through their web links to KEB. Communication contained in community KEB is group communication, the one in which a few people interacted in the same destination (on the blog) and information dissemination occurred with simultaneous distribution patterns. Other members of KEB also communicated intensively through interpersonal communication.