KnE Social Sciences | The 3rd International Conference on Social and Political Science (ICoSaPS) | pages: 216-219

DOI: 10.18502/kss.v2i4.889

The Process of Transaction Activity between Citizen and Government through e-Government in West Java Provincial Government

Lukiati Komala Erdinaya

Priyo Subekti

Poppy Oktaviani


This research was conducted to find the process of transaction activity between citizen and government through e-Government in West Java Provincial Government (thereafter called Pemprov Jawa Barat). This transaction activity is a two-way communication to better deliver information and public services in Pemprov, Jawa Barat. This transaction activity involves giving government information and replying to questions and complaints through the website and social media. If some OPD of Pemprov Jawa Barat have SOP more than just interaction through answering questions and complaints, they will make and use another application more than just through website and social media. The response to this activity is positive, as indicated in the increasing number of interactive activities between citizen and government after Pemprov Jabar using e-Government to give public services. Pemprov Jawa Barat was recommended to increase the number and to provide more human resource training to improve the quality of transaction activity.


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