E-Government Service Quality in the Goods and Services Procurement in Riau Province, Indonesia


This study aims to analyze e-government service quality in the goods and services procurement in Riau Province, particularly in Pekanbaru City.  The data were collected through an in-depth interview analyzed using a dialogical interpretation approach. The results showed that the service quality of goods/services procurement in Riau Province coordinated by the Electronic Procurement Service (LPSE) through its website http://lpse.riau.go.id has already met the users’ expectation. Even so, the ad hoc position of the Work Unit of LPSE Riau, decreasing enthusiasm of goods/services providers for upgrading the skills of their human resources, and ineffective communication between LPSE, ULP and PDE of Riau Provincial Government effectively degrade the quality of service that has already run well. Hence, there should be a restructuring of LPSE and Work Units related to the e-government implementation in order to synchronize the implementation of e-government in general and e-procurement in particular in Riau Province.