Globalization and Modernity: Revocation of Space and Time between Broadcaster BPRS ERA FM UNJ to Edufren


This paper will examine globalization and modernity from the perspective of Anthony Giddens, where there are conditions indicated by the separation of time and space as well as the revocation of space and time, in which the globalization of the mark with the revocation time and space, like the relationship that exists between the broadcaster and Edufren (designation for listeners ERA FM). Revocation of time and space occur in conditions that do not localized through the relationship that exists through the frequency bands and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, thereby eventually giving birth to reflexivity individuals and institutions as well as risks in globalization. It is reflective of ERA FM listeners by describing his self-expression through a network of listeners social. Where is trying to be someone that is modern. Meanwhile, the reflective institutions as well as the revocation of space and time through the good or bad news are delivered by radio. Thus, motivating institutions to make better and prevent the risks of globalization. Thus, the individual or institution is doing discursive consciousness to defend themselves on the wave of globalization.