KnE Social Sciences | The 3rd International Conference on Social and Political Science (ICoSaPS) | pages: 185-190

DOI: 10.18502/kss.v2i4.885

Cyber Media Analysis: How to Read Cyber Bullying Messages Among Children

Prahastiwi Utari

Tanti Hermawati


In this paper, we focused on a novel method to explain cyberbullying experience among children in the Facebook. The method is Cyber Media Analysis (CMA). It is a mixed-method of analysing the stages of text and context.  The text level discusses the form of messagesrelated to cyberbullying produced and received by children. They are sentences, photos or other visual representation in the Facebook that examine cyberbullying phenomenon. To obtain cyberbullying text, we conducted a content analysis of Facebook posts by children aged 8 to 12 (N=250) in the elementary schools in Solo areas. In the context level, we conducted in-depth interviews and group discussion to find out why children produced cyberbullying messages and how they reacted when receiving cyberbullying messages. Merging these two methods gives a comprehensive explanation of cyber bullying phenomenon among children.


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