"Face Work" on Social Media - Implementing the Theory of Face Work in the Context of Women’s Personal Conflict on Social Media


This study observed the way in which Indonesian women experienced face works on social media, particularly Instagram. The main locus of Face Work theory is at the interpersonal level of communication. However, the substantial development and the interactive nature of social media have established the platform for implementing face works’ elements in the context of social media.  Thus, the primary objective of research was to explain the way in which Indonesian women expressing face works in the contexts of personal conflicts on social media. The theoretical framework of this research drew on Goffman’s thought of face works. Sara Mills’ critical discourse analysis was used to reveal the way face works are implemented by women on social media. The result indicated that women are indeed implementing face works on social media. Therefore, in terms of theoretical implication, this study underpinned the notion that face works are important forms of expressions on social media particularly for women who are experiencing personal conflicts. The research also suggests the importance in understanding various women’s expressions that are commonly neglected due to the notion that the expressions are beyond the dominant male languages.