Information Technology for Children-Friendly City through Corporate Social Responbility (CSR) PT. Telkom AND XL


Since 2006, the Indonesian government published its policy of Children-Friendly City (KLA-Kota Layak Anak) to expedite the effort to protect the children. The implementation of this policy is supported by the government institution, companies, society, and academics. Companies playa significant role in creating Children-Friendly City using the CSR program from, among others, PT. Telkom and XL with the internet from which the children can get information they need, despite its positive and negative impacts on their behavior. This is a descriptive qualitative research using focus group discussion (FGD) and interviews to collect the data. Telkom and XL through CSR exerts both positive and negative impacts. The positive impact is that it is easier for the children to get information they need, while the negative is that the children spend most of their time at the computer accessing information which is inappropriate for their age. It is family, the government, and the companies that have responsibility to guide and supervise the children to use IT safely.

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