Social Media and Moral Movement: A Critique of Jürgen Habermas’ Communicative ActionsTheory


This paper examines a conflict of interest case between Polri and KPK in handling corruption cases "SIM simulator" that occurred in 2012. Anti-corruption activists and the Commission were thebearers of a great narrative in realizing the act of communication. But the impetus for cultural reproduction narrative was hampered by "legal violence" committed by the police institution. Lifeworld is the world of KPK and anti-corruption activists which is the interaction between the actors for cultural reproduction. In Habermas’ view, lifeworld moves evolutionarily to achieve the following social integration and system integration. But, through social media, the transformation of lifeworld runs quickly, because social media is borderless and timeless. In this way, to accelerate the formation opinions and moral movement to change or emancipation, the Police-Anti-Corruption Commission dispute case have become a model of how to make transformation and emancipation in society towards communication.