N-Gen, the Small Share That Continues to Listen: Reports from Media-Use Online Diaries of Teenage Radio Listeners


The rise of television and new media have caused decline in the number of radio listeners. In Indonesia, the number of studies that focus on radio also has plummeted. The nature of radio broadcasting reach, as well as the decline in the number of listeners, has made audience research difficult and expensive. This paper attempts to fill this gap. This paper examines young radio listeners’ media habits in Solo – a city in Java Island Indonesia – in detail. Employing daily journals, 30 teenagers who admitted still listening to the radio agreed to participate in the research. Among the small share of teenage radio listeners aged 14-19 in the city, only about 56% reported listening to the radio during one week that represented the data collection period. Herein, we provide details on the stations and on the talk and music formats that the subjects listened to as well as places and listening motivation and listening behaviors. Suggestions for further research are also discussed.