KnE Life Sciences

The 2019 International Conference on Healthcare and Technology (ICHT 2019)

Published 2019-10-09

The 1st International Conference on Health, Technology and Life Sciences (ICO-HELICS)

Published 2019-03-25

The 1st Payung Negeri International Health Conference

Published 2019-03-12

The UGM Annual Scientific Conference Life Sciences 2016

Published 2019-03-10

The 2nd International Meeting of Public Health 2016 (IMOPH) – Part II

Published 2019-03-07

The 3rd International Meeting of Public Health and the 1st Young Scholar Symposium on Public Health

Published 2019-02-28

The 2nd International Conference on Hospital Administration (The 2nd ICHA)

Published 2018-12-05

The Fifth International Luria Memorial Congress «Lurian Approach in International Psychological Science»

Published 2018-11-01

The Fourth International Scientific Conference Ecology and Geography of Plants and Plant Communities

Published 2018-10-29

Sustainability and Resilience Conference: Mitigating Risks and Emergency Planning – Life Sciences Track

Published 2018-10-15

International Conference of Occupational Health and Safety (ICOHS 2017)

Published 2018-06-19

The 2nd International Meeting of Public Health 2016 (IMOPH) – Part I

Published 2018-05-17

The Second International Conference on Amphibian and Reptiles Anomalies and Pathology

Published 2018-05-03

The 3rd International Conference on Agro-Industry 2016 “Competitive & Sustainable Agro-Industry" (3rd ICoA 2016)

Published 2018-03-01

The 1st International Conference on Global Health

Published 2018-01-11

The Veterinary Medicine International Conference (VMIC)

Published 2017-12-03

2nd International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security: A Comprehensive Approach (ICSAFS)

Published 2017-11-26

International Conference on Natural Resources and Life Sciences (NRLS-2016)

Published 2017-09-11

The 4th International Conference on Biological Science (2015)

Published 2017-05-11

International conference on Agro-industry (ICoA) 2015

Published 2016-01-27

International Conference on Biological Sciences (ICBS-2013)

Published 2015-09-20

International Symposium on Aquatic Product Processing (ISAPPROSH) 2013

Published 2015-06-24