Lost to Follow-up Among Patients who Underwent Vasectomy reversal with Double Layer Microscopic Techniques in 2011-2015


Vasectomy already been accepted by the society as easy and effective method for male contraceptive. However, some patients want to restore their fertility status due to divorce or re-marriage cases. Techniques in performing vasectomy reversal are varying with their own advantages and disadvantages. One of the techniques is double layer microscopy vasectomy reversal. We evaluate the success rate of this technique based on the semen analysis. The success rate was good with around 98.5% patients with complete follow up had sperm in their semen analysis[MP1] . However, total success of follow up were very low (5 out of 19 patients) even though the cost of reversal vasectomy was quite expensive (around 3.000$USD). Lost to follow up rate of reversal vasectomy was 26%.